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Our guide to small business thought leadership is the culmination of many years' experience in this space. We've gained invaluable insights from collaborating with small business executives on over 1,000 articles, white papers, scripts, and more. In our SMB thought leadership guide, you'll find answers to important questions, including:
  • Why would I want to become a thought leader?
  • How do I go about establishing myself as a thought leader?
  • How will thought leadership benefit my business?
As the founder of a financial technology company, I know that our biggest differentiator is the people who make up our company. There is no better way of communicating that than having a robust thought leadership platform, where we leverage podcasting, video, speeches and panels, and certainly the written word to show my team’s deep expertise and prove our business acumen and genuine passion to deliver excellence to customers and partners alike.
Kevin Jones, CEO, Celero Commerce
As an entrepreneur with more than three decades of experience in my field of middle-market mergers and acquisitions, I know more 
than most the value of lifelong learning. I’ve also got a lot to share to educate my clients and strategic partners, as well as to have a positive influence on my industry. Thankfully, having a thought leadership platform comprised of a blog, newsletter, social media, and informative website design, gives me the opportunity to teach people the many lessons I’ve learned. — Trip Holmes, Founder and President, Sabre Capital
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