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The Importance of Company Culture

One of my favorite things about working at Parklife is that our clients have a strong and confident sense of who they are. As a copywriter/content creator, it always makes your job easier when the client truly knows their own voice. One of our goals as a marketing agency is to emulate the client’s voice, and that’s a breeze when you’re working with companies like Celero and HealthKeeperz who have a deep and impassioned understanding of their unique cultures.

HealthKeeperz: Compassionate, Mission-Based, Dedicated

I have worked with HealthKeeperz for two years now, doing social media, blogging, advertisements, and more. One thing that struck me right away about HealthKeeperz is their commitment to something that’s so much bigger than their company alone. HealthKeeperz is one of the most mission-based for-profit companies you’ll ever come across; in my mind, it’s the closest you can get to a non-profit without actually being one.

If you’ve been following Parklife over the years, you’ll already know who they are, but in case you don’t: HealthKeeperz is a home healthcare agency based in North Carolina. It serves many rural areas of the state, which are chronically plagued with shortages of doctors, nurses, and other healthcare professionals. Much of HealthKeeperz’ work revolves around addressing these shortages and rising to meet the needs of NC’s rural population.

HealthKeeperz’ philosophy is largely rooted in the Christian faith, and while I’m not religious myself, I’ve developed a deep appreciation for the Christlike values that HealthKeeperz embodies — like loving your neighbor, serving the underserved and neglected, and treating all people with compassion.

HealthKeeperz embodies these values both in their treatment of patients and their families, as well as how they treat their own employees. They are a true family who treats employees like they would treat a relative. In addition, they are steadfast and unwavering in their mission to end rural health disparities, which serves as a major inspiration for me to produce great work. Their dedication is literally contagious!

Celero: Modern, Down to Earth, Fun

On the surface, Celero may seem like the polar opposite of HealthKeeperz: It’s a growth-stage company that operates in the fast-paced world of fintech and resides in super-urban downtown Nashville. But, like with most things, there’s more to it beneath the surface.

Celero’s CEO, Kevin Jones — who, by the way, is probably the coolest CEO you’ve ever met — grew up in rural western North Carolina. Raised by a single mom who instilled in him a profound sense of gratitude and appreciation for just about everything, Kevin is one of those people who is seemingly never focused on himself, but rather the person in front of him. He’s friendly, easy to talk to, and perpetually chilled out.

KJ sets the tone for the rest of Celero. His calm and friendly demeanor seems to rub off on the entire team of talented fintech professionals that make up its staff. Despite being in a fast-moving, highly technical line of work, Celero operates with a down-to-earth professionalism that is one-of-a-kind in my experience. It always strikes me how everyone seems to be in a good mood at the Celero office. I’ve even had several employees tell me that going into Celero doesn’t really feel like going into work. Needless to say, it makes working with them a whole lot of fun.

To learn more about Celero and HealthKeeperz, who represent just two of our many awesome clients, visit and

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