• Annie Astraikis

Social Media Marketing During the Time of COVID-19

Social media usage has increased significantly ever since stay-at-home orders were put in place nearly a year ago. In a recent study, a majority of respondents admitted their social media consumption and posting had increased during the pandemic. The question is, how do we as marketers effectively engage with consumers who are scrolling through their social media for multiple hours a day? Since there’s so much content on the internet, your posts need to pop in order to spark the interest of overzealous internet users.

Eye-Catching Visuals

Humans are visual creatures and are much more likely to pay attention to a post if it includes an aesthetically pleasing graphic or photo. If you want someone to engage with your content, it’s vital that you include an image or infographic along with the text of your social post. According to a study featured on Social Media Today:

  • Content-featuring images receive 94 percent more views

  • Tweets that include images receive 18 percent more clicks and 150 percent more retweets

  • LinkedIn status updates with photos have a 98 percent higher comment rate

  • Infographics increase social traffic by 12 percent and result in 200 percent more shares

Inspiring Quotes

The pandemic has been a dark time for all of us and everyone can use a pick-me-up sometimes. An excellent way to grab someone’s attention is to include an inspirational quote in your messaging. If you’re looking for good quotes, I recommend checking out the website Brainy Quote. Even without direct promotion for your products and services, their high success rate in terms of likes and shares means that your company’s social media accounts will receive more traffic which will help to grow your audience. Once you’ve engaged a consumer with a positive quote that makes their day a little less gloomy, you’ve started the process of turning them into a loyal customer.

Sensitivity Is Key

I can’t tell you how many photos I’ve seen of celebrities and business professionals in large groups without a proper face-covering. While the CDC vehemently insists that wearing a mask is necessary to prevent the spread of this deadly virus, there are hoards of people ignoring their recommendations. If you plan on posting photos of your employees on social media, make sure they’re photographed wearing the proper protective gear (also, if you post “throwback” images from prior to the pandemic, give your readers that context). It’s also a great idea to acknowledge the pandemic in your social posts and be open about it. We can’t pretend like everything is alright because for many people, it’s not. Consider posting a few times a month about COVID-19 safety, tips for working from home, or words of sympathy to people affected by the virus.

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