• Annie Astraikis

How Your Small Business Can Grow Its Social Media Following

If you run a small business, you know how hard it can be to build up a social media following for your company. Larger companies have entire marketing departments dedicated to building an engaging online presence, but for smaller organizations, that simply isn’t in the budget. But don’t dismay! We have compiled a list of a few easy steps you can take to create more engaging content and gain more followers. Keep reading to learn more!

Take Advantage of Hashtags

I cannot stress enough how important hashtags are when creating social media posts. Hashtags enable you to link your post to a certain topic, event, or idea, which will help it be discovered on social media. For instance, if you include the hashtag #COVID19 in your post, not only are you telling the reader of the post that it is related to the COVID-19 pandemic, you are also helping your post show up on search engines and people’s social media feeds.

When deciding which hashtags to use, it’s important to keep them short and use them sparingly. If you use more than three hashtags in one social post, it might be a bit much. You should also keep your hashtag to three or fewer words, so #EcoFriendlyTips would be fine, but #EcoFriendlyTipsForCollegeStudents might be too long. However, if you really want to use an extra-long hashtag and you have a good reason for using it, that is completely fine! Social media is flexible and the rules aren’t set in stone.

Post on a Regular Basis

A reason why your follower count might not be growing is that you don’t post regularly. If you post three times in one week, but then stay silent for a month, your followers will probably forget about you. According to various research studies, frequent and consistent social posts will help increase engagement with your followers and help you receive increased likes, followers, retweets, and so on. While there isn’t a magic number of posts you should do a day, here are some general recommendations:

  • Facebook: 1 post per day

  • Twitter: 15 tweets per day

  • LinkedIn: 1 post per day

  • Instagram: 1 to 2 posts per day

If these numbers are too ambitious for your business, my recommendation is to try and post to each platform three to five times per week. Creating consistent content for your followers will help keep them engaged, which will result in more likes and shares. The more your followers engage with your posts, the more likely they are to show up on the social feed of potential followers.

One-Up Your Visual Messaging

Humans are visual creatures so social posts with graphics receive significantly more views, likes, retweets, and shares than ones without. Incorporating stock photos into your posts can help increase your follower engagement and gain a larger audience. Pexels and Unsplash are two websites where you can find free, high-quality photos to use for your social media posts.

If you want to create beautiful infographics, posters, advertisements, and other similar visuals, my recommendation is to use a platform like Canva. This is a free website that boasts thousands of templates that you can easily edit and add your company’s branding to. Including eye-catching visuals into your posts will do wonders for your follower count and the number of likes you receive.

The Struggle is Real For Small Businesses

For many small business owners, building their social media presence might seem like a daunting task. However, the important thing isn’t how many followers you have; it’s how engaged and genuine those followers are. While larger companies might have 10,000 followers on their Twitter page, that doesn’t necessarily mean their social media presence is improving their business. Many companies buy followers (yep, that’s a thing!) and although their numbers are going up, it doesn’t help their company. The game here is quality, not quantity. Focus on building a supportive online community instead of simply looking at your follower count.

One great way to start building your community is by inviting your friends, family, and business associates to like and/or follow your page. On Facebook, there is a feature where you can send a mass invite to people to like your page, and there are similar features available on other social media platforms. Once you have invited people to like and/or follow your social media account, the next step is to start developing engaging content. Think about your target audience and start creating posts that communicate the value of your business and what you can do to help others.

If you’re having trouble creating quality content for your business, you can always hire a professional! Parklife Communications is here to help your business create social posts, blogs, articles, videos, graphics, and so much more. Feel free to reach out to us and we will be happy to help you and your business!

About the Author

Annie Astraikis is Parklife’s Social Media Manager.