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Service Spotlight: Ghostwriting

Ghostwriting has been in Parklife’s DNA since day one of the halcyon side hustle days of our founder. That side hustle, now a bustling boutique of creatives from the gamut of disciplines of the marketing and communications realm, was born from relationships with entrepreneurs looking to express themselves to the marketplace.

Ghostwriting is very much a collaborative exercise between writer and executive to candidly portray each leader's thought processes. Our ghostwriters often think of themselves as tasked with channeling the unique personalities of our clients in our work product.

This practice has grown through the years to multiple “ghosts” serving individuals and whole teams of executives in businesses where knowledge is king. Akin to painting a portrait sometimes for one, sometimes a whole platform, or for multiple people at the same company, our work together promotes real dialogue with stakeholders.

It’s putting yourself out there that counts most with prospects–prospective partners, prospective customers, prospective board members, and prospective employees–as they get to know you, your priorities, and your ideas, all before ever meeting you.

For many, thought leadership is the ultimate giveback to industries where leaders have grown in their careers. They can use their higher profile to make a positive contribution for all, pushing their industry forward through content in formats ranging from blog/op-ed pieces, speeches, videos, and podcasts.

Are you thinking about exerting your thought leadership, but you don't know how to get started? Contact us to learn more about our ghostwriting services.

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