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Parklife’s Castle Earns Elite DEI Certification

Parklife founder Brian Castle has earned certification at the highest level for professionals and executives in the practice of diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI). Brian became a Certified Diversity Executive (CDE) in January, as recognized by The Institute For Diversity Certification.

Brian Castle launched Parklife in June 2009. The agency serves entrepreneurs, executives, and their companies in diverse industries such as technology, nonprofit, investment banking, construction, innovation, real estate, manufacturing, and entertainment. Parklife’s focus areas of entrepreneurship, thought leadership, social impact and innovation, and diversity, equity, and inclusion have become key drivers of the agency’s sustained growth.

Parklife routinely consults with business leaders on the challenges of inclusive communications, in both internal and external use cases, such as corporate memoranda and social media.

“Since the DEI lexicon is constantly evolving as we seek to become a more inclusive society, it’s important that our clients are equipped with strategies and language to communicate with every stakeholder with authenticity,” Brian said. “It means employees who feel a sense of belonging, customers who feel heard, and prospective suppliers and board members who know they have a fair shot at doing business.”

As with other diversity executives, Brian was attracted to the DEI space out of a sense of purpose and convinced to get involved because of the strong business case. “I was inspired to work in DEI from a sense of doing what’s right by people and making the world a better place for my own transracial family,” Brian explained. “I’m so grateful to our friends at the Diversity Movement for their education and mentorship. In an ever-diversifying society, it’s important that people know they can align what the right thing to do with being more innovative and profitable.”

For more information on inclusive communications advisory services at Parklife, please contact Brian at

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