• Brian Castle

Parklife Launches New Podcast Network

We are pleased to announce that Parklife Communications has joined the world of podcasting, launching the Parklife Podcast Network with our own Ramblin’ Writers podcast, now available on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, and Soundcloud.

Ramblin’ Writers is the initial production of the Parklife Podcast Network. On Ramblin’ Writers, Parklife’s Brian Castle and Suzette Feller discuss their work with leading companies, taking on topics ranging from thought leadership to marketing blunders. In addition to their running commentary on the world of business communications, the duo will interview entrepreneurs and business leaders to illustrate how great businesspeople live their brands in the analog world and amplify their leadership digitally.

In episode one of the podcast, Brian and Suzette discuss authenticity and ghostwriting, and they also take a walk down memory lane as they share opinions on famous (and infamous) marketing mistakes. In episode two, things really take off, as Celero Commerce’s Kevin Jones joins for an interview that showcases his unique spirit and methods for driving companies to success through developing people in high-performance cultures.

While Ramblin’ Writers marks the first podcast to launch on the Parklife Podcast Network, it won’t be lonely for long. Coming soon is Because We Had To, from Castle and longtime collaborator Kevin Jones. Because We Had To will be an exploration of leadership, company culture, and entrepreneurship, with a goal of inspiring the dreamers among us in the business community. Taken from an Avett Brothers lyric, the title, Because We Had To, refers to the special fire within those of us once an idea has sparked our passion to succeed, whether that passion lies in professional or personal pursuits.

“Suzette and I are really enjoying this opportunity to talk about our work at a higher level and interview some of the incredible people we work with on a daily basis,” said Castle, who launched Parklife as a copywriting agency 11 years ago. “We are even more excited to produce podcasts for and with our clients and friends, starting with our great friend, Kevin Jones. We aim to entertain, challenge conventional wisdom, and bring fresh voices to the podcasting landscape during these challenging times.”

Stay tuned for the launch announcement of Because We Had To. In the meantime, enjoy the first two episodes of the Ramblin’ Writers.