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Holiday Graphics Made Easy

Are you interested in creating holiday-themed graphics for your business, but not sure whether or not you have the design skills to pull it off? Fear no more! Thanks to the internet, making beautiful visuals has never been easier. Keep reading for some recommendations that will help you bring the aesthetics of your organization up a notch this holiday season—no graphic design degree required!

Design Platforms

While professional designers opt to use more advanced design platforms like Illustrator and Photoshop, beginners might find these options a little intimidating. Here are two design platforms that are perfect for those who want something super simple and user-friendly.

  • Canva is by far the easiest design platform to use, regardless of your skill level. With thousands of templates and simple editing tools, you can change up colors, fonts, layouts, and photos in order to create a highly customized graphic that is unique to your business. For the holidays, they offer tons of gorgeous templates for things like Instagram posts, presentations, Facebook banners, flyers, posters, and videos. Additionally, they offer a wide variety of free holiday animations that you can use to spruce up your visuals. The great thing about this platform is that you really don’t need any design skills in order to create something beautiful.

  • Another amazing design website to explore is PicMonkey. While this platform is slightly more difficult to use, it offers more freedom than Canva. It allows you to edit photos and graphics, in addition to adding custom textures and backgrounds. Like the more advanced programs, PicMonkey allows you to create layers of graphics, which enables your visuals to have more depth and complexity than a simple editing program allows. If you’re worried about PicMonkey being too advanced for your skills, don’t fret! They offer tons of holiday templates that you can easily edit to make your own, and their features will help you create something truly magical.

Free Photos

If you’re looking to include some holiday-themed photos in your company’s graphics, I recommend checking out these websites that offer free, high-quality photos.

  • Pexels offers thousands of stock photos that you can use for your business, all at the low, low price of $0.00. Their holiday photo selection is vast and we know you’ll be able to find a photo that you love!

  • Unsplash has tons of free stock photos for you to choose from. The best part? Their photos don’t look like typical stock photos! They are incredibly unique and will add a bit of sparkle to your company’s visual collateral.

  • Pixabay is another excellent option for finding free, beautiful photos. The main draw of this website is that it also offers thousands of free vector graphics that you can easily incorporate into your holiday marketing.

Need Help?

Still feeling uneasy about creating your own graphics? Parklife is here to help! Contact us today to learn more about our graphic design services and how we can help market your business beautifully.

About the Author

Annie Astraikis is Parklife’s Social Media Manager.

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