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Dwell with Dignity Awarded for Outstanding Innovation

Once a year, D Magazine hosts the Nonprofit & Corporate Citizenship Awards to recognize organizations in North Texas that embody principles of innovation, philanthropy, and community. This year, we’re proud to announce that our client and social innovation partner, Dwell with Dignity (DwD), has received the Award for Outstanding Innovation!

A Worthy Mission and Impressive Results

Dwell with Dignity is a Dallas-based nonprofit organization that helps single mothers and their children transition out of poverty and/or homelessness by providing beautiful, functional, and safe living spaces to support health and wellness. Led by visionary thought leader and entrepreneur Ashley Sharp, Dwell with Dignity has held a special place in our hearts ever since we started working in the social innovation sphere last fall. As part of our work with DwD, we recently coached Ashley all the way to the final round of the United Way Social Innovation Accelerator Pitch. We look forward to future projects helping DwD and other mission-driven organizations secure funding to help those in need.

"We'd like to congratulate our friends at Dwell with Dignity for winning D Magazine’s Award for Outstanding Innovation," said Brian Castle, founder and CEO of Parklife. "It's an honor to collaborate with clients that not only inspire you to do your best work, but also to commit to their larger purpose, yourself. We are grateful that Ashley Sharp and her team have sparked our own continued focus on promoting social innovation around the country."

Ashley and her team work hard every single day to support families who are facing homelessness, domestic abuse, housing insecurity, and unemployment. Since DwD’s founding, not a single family they’ve assisted has fallen back into homelessness. These impressive results are a clear indication of the power that nonprofits can have in improving our world for all.

Rethink, Redefine, Redesign

After a challenging and unprecedented year in 2020, DwD found itself at a crossroads. With stay-at-home regulations and social distancing guidelines in place, they had to decide whether to resist change or embrace it. Unsurprisingly, this ambitious and forward-thinking nonprofit chose the latter. Thrift Studio, their yearly pop-up shop where 100 percent of proceeds benefit families in need, was converted into a hybrid event consisting of in-person events with proper COVID-19 safety precautions as well as an online store. By adapting their traditionally in-person fundraiser to the world of social distancing and mask-wearing, they were able to raise the funds they needed to continue helping families through the pandemic.

Learn More

DwD is the perfect example of what an organization can do when they throw aside the status quo, think creatively, and hold their mission close to heart. They’ve inspired us to expand our capabilities in social innovation and nonprofit marketing services, so that we’re able to help more mission-driven organizations reach their full potential.

If you’re interested in learning more about DwD and how you can get involved, visit their website.

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