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Client Spotlight: March To The Polls (MTTP)

Some of the best aspects of working at Parklife are rubbing elbows with encouraging people who lead nonprofits. One of these promoters of the human spirit is Camila Correi Bourdeau. As a current member of the United Way of Metropolitan Dallas, and its Social Innovation Accelerator program, Camila is the Executive Director of March to the Polls.

MTTP is a celebration of democracy, as Camila, her staff, and an army of volunteers teach high school students the importance of exercising their voting rights. Ideally meeting them in their classrooms to formalize her process for imparting voting knowledge, her team primarily works with Latinx seniors and rising sophomores with equal vigor. The younger cohort learn from the seniors, and the seniors gain the necessary understanding about their civil duties, as they embark on their right to vote once turning 18. In the interim, programs for community events like the Dallas Greek Festival, allows a team from MTTP to interact with leaders, parents, and varying community cohorts at large.

Camila, who came to the U.S. as the immigrant daughter of parents who were educators from Chile, began her own career as a teacher. Her journey since graduating from the University of Texas at Austin has seen Camila influence local school board leadership, the Dallas County Citizen Election Advisory Committee, and driving the work of MTTP.

We hope you enjoy our interview with Camila Correa Bourdeau, Executive Director of March to the Polls, based in Dallas, Texas.

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