• Suzette Feller

5 Reasons to Invest in Thought Leadership for Your Executive Team

Businesses of any size can benefit from setting aside time and money for executive thought leadership. It’s good for your reputation, good for your industry, and most importantly, good for your bottom line. Let’s dive into why you should invest in thought leadership marketing for your C-suite executives.

Reason 1: Your company is your people

No matter how good your product or service is, your business is largely defined by the people who run it. They’re the face of your business to the rest of the world, including customers, partners, and key stakeholders. Therefore, it’s important to invest in your leaders just like you might invest in securities or R&D.

Positioning organizational executives as thought leaders in your industry builds credibility and authority for your company, and promotes greater brand awareness. When your leaders are out in the world, sharing unique insights and communicating their expertise, it reflects extremely well on your business as a whole.

Reason 2: You need to keep a pulse on your industry

Successful businesses don’t operate in a vacuum. Instead, they have a thorough understanding of the current state of their industry. They also stay up-to-date on any trends and predictions for the future.

Did you know thought leadership is the best way to gain a pulse on your industry? It gives your leaders the opportunity to get out there and get engaged with other top minds in the field. Not only can they learn from expert insights, but they can also contribute their own ideas to the discussion, shaping the future of your industry.

Reason 3: Executive thought leadership builds trust

Let’s say you’re looking for a doctor to perform a particular surgery. Who are you more likely to choose: the doctor whose name yields zero Google search results? Or the doctor who has written several articles on the type of surgery you need, and shared their expertise at conferences?

The vast majority of people will choose the latter. That’s because thought leadership marketing—whether it be in the form of articles, speaking engagements, or videos—builds trust. The more your executive leaders actively communicate their expertise and authority, the more you will gain a competitive advantage over companies that remain unengaged.

Reason 4: It also provides an opportunity to highlight diverse voices

When diverse applicants see themselves reflected in your organization, they’re more likely to apply for jobs and envision a positive future there. Executive thought leadership marketing creates a great opportunity to highlight the work of organizational leaders from underrepresented populations.

This helps communicate that your company is not only a place where diverse professionals are welcome, but a place where they have the opportunity to rise to the top. That’s a major selling point considering how many underserved professionals get stuck in entry-level and middle-management positions while their colleagues are promoted.

Reason 5: You already know an expert

Okay, maybe this one is cheating, but hear me out. If you’re reading this article, you already know an expert in executive thought leadership marketing—or five experts, to be exact. We’re Parklife, and we’ve crafted dozens of successful thought leadership campaigns for executives across many industries and organizations.

If you’re ready to get started with thought leadership marketing, go with the experts. Contact us today for a free consultation.